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Common Questions

Where can I obtain the Hairtest Andy Cutler used to develop the hair counting rules?

If you don't have a Hairtest yet, you may purchase one at

Under the Order Test tab click "View Tests". Enter "Hair" into the search box. You want the "Hair Toxic & Essential Elements-Doctor's Data Kit" or

if you reside outside the US you pick "International Hair Toxic & Essential Elements-Doctor's Data Kit Plus Shipping Fee".

What is the best brand of supplements?

My short answer: The one you or your child(ren) tolerate well and you can afford.


My favorite brands and websites: 



  3. Thorne


  5. Dr's Best

  6. Kirkman

  7. Klaire Labs

  8. Planetary Herbals

  9. Nature's Way

Others international parents utilize frequently and recommend: can link to iherb in heir own country. In the settings you can pick your country and currency.

How do I get my child to take these supplements?

The most important thing in my opinion is to explain to our children, why they need these supplements.

If you can explain to your child in a age-appropriate way that these supplements are part of helping their bodies heal, you have created a willingness to participate. If you demonstrate taking supplements, you're leading by example.

If your child can't swallow pills yet, giving them liquid forms of supplements or supplements mixed into foods they like (fruit puree, home made energy balls, yogurt), is an option.


How am I going to give the night time doses?

Do dry runs where you practice just giving a sip of water or a magnesium dose and they go back to sleep. You are getting them ussed to accept this new routine. The most important part, as with teaching pill swallowing or giving supplements during the day or any other skill we teach to another person, is to stay calm.

Do we need to follow a specific diet?

No, only if the diet brings clear benefits. Diet's greek root word means "lifestyle" and is about more than eating food or losing weight.

Having said that, a whole foods based diet, as organic as possible, is conducive to healing in my opinion. A well done elimination diet can help lower inflammation in the body. Diet, much like ACC needs to be tailored to the individual. The combination of GAPS diet & ACC has been most impactful from what my clients have shared with me. 

Got more questions? Have questions and value your privacy or want one answer you can trust instead of getting several and feeling more confused than you did before asking?​

You're not alone with all these questions. Learn from me! Book a coaching call through this link.



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